Insert graphics card- hear short beep and no display/video

Everything is plugged in firmly and the monitor is hooked up directly to the graphics card with an hdmi to vga adapter. When the computer turns on, the fans run and one would hear a short beep, however the monitor gets no display. Monitor works with the onboard card.

Hp Pavillion s3707c with an upgraded flexatx 300w power supply & the graphics card is a GeForce low-profile 98000gt.


when the monitor & adapter is plugged into the on board hdmi slot there's no video. should i ask for a replacement adapter?
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  1. Do you have the beeping sound when the video card is not in your computer?
  2. thank you for the reply
    when not in computer there's no beep
    when video card is in but not attached with the 6-pin connector no beep
    when connected with the 6-pin there's a beep and no video
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    I don't think you can go from DVI-D to VGA, that DVI-D doesn't have analog pins.

    Checked wikipedia and what you need is a DVI-I to VGA adapter.
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