Geforce 9800 GTX clock speed, NEED HELP!

Hey people of the forums,
My graphics card is a Geforce 9800 GTX(+) and for some reason it only runs at 301 MHz, I have heard about how the graphics card has some weird feature where it under clocks automatically when idling or playing 2D games and the clock speed is suppose to go up when you're playing 3D games, but even when I run a 3D game it still stays at a clock speed of 301MHz. I have looked for solutions on google for days when I found out that my card was under clocked.(I didn't know until I used MSI Afterburning to try overclocking my card). I have also tried over clocking the card just a tiny bit to see if it would change, but nothing changes, it still stays at 301MHz. Does anyone know a fix to this because this is making me so mad! :fou:
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  1. Have you updated the Nvidia drivers for it?
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  3. Thank you! It worked!
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