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How to setup 3 displays with discrete card and pci/pcie or integrated?


This is my first post.

Is it possible to setup triple monitors with an EVGA GTX 570 and an additional PCI/PCI-e or integrated graphics?

I spent an hour waiting on Asus' hotline and the guy on the other end of the phone didn't have a clue as to what I was asking when I threw out 'big' words like integrated, discrete and GPU...

Current Rig:

ASUS P8Z68-V LX Motherboard
Intel Core i7 2700k
EVGA GTX 570 HD 1280MB
8GB Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz
30GB Kingston SSD Now
120GB OCZ Vertex 2 SSD
WD Velociraptor 10k RPM 160GB x4 (RAIDed)
Corsair 600W GS PSU
Standard Optical

Samsung 27" SMS27A550
HP S2311 (which is actually a 24")
LG 24" IPS Panel.

Yes, I do know that its not the proper way to do triple monitors with three different monitors, however, this friday I am picking up two more samsung 27" monitors. Regardless, I am still in the same situation as far as my GPU goes.

Ultimately, my goal is to run three monitors simultaneously all extended. No, I do not plan on game on them; however, I would like to use my main monitor for gaming, one monitor for skype/Coretemp and other application such as VLC and my other monitor for web browsing.

The plan is to upgrade to a GTX 670 and run the three monitors, but that is not an option right now. I'd like to at least know if I can find a temporary solution to use the monitors that I have.
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  1. Also,

    I am running Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.
  2. in the asus bios that you have now you can turn on the intel video chipset that in the cpu and have it on and use the two hdmi ports on your other gpu. to do it right you want to install windows first without the new gpu and install the newest intel chipset drivers and the newest intel video card drivers for there cpu chips. (make sure you also update the mb bios first before you installl windows there new cpu and ram code for the asus mb.
    once windows is install and the updates done. turn off the pc and then install your gpu card. you then can install the drivers for the gpu card. when you have all the monitors you have to set one of the monitors as display one. that should be one that one the gpu as your going to game with it.
  3. The only option I have in the ASUS that I have found was in System Agent Configuration. I had the option to turn on iGPU Lucid Virtu which is worthless in my case, and an option to turn on iGPU, PCI/iGPU, PCI/PCIe, or PCIe/PCI. There is no option to turn on iGPU/PCIe... if you, or anybody, has any insight as to where in the UEFI BIOS there is an option to simply turn on integrated intel graphics, that would be most helpful.

    My BIOS is up to date, I had technicians flash it a couple weeks ago where I work. (They get a little bored). I am not sure I see the benefit to installing windows without a GPU, as the integrated drivers should be updated whenever there is a windows update.

    Maybe you could clarify a little more?
  4. that ipug graphic in the graphics menu the first two should be set to auto..the intel render should stay off and the mvp should enabled. that will turn the onboard gpu on. you wont need the mvp software that only if your going to use the ipgu and the gpu in a game to help your fps. when you turn the last line on and reboot you see both intel gpu and the other gpu under the device manager. on loading windows with just the onboard video that windows wont hang or lock up intell it installed.
  5. At the risk of sounding offensive, I'm not going to take your advice due to the amount of spelling errors and too seldom mish mash of letters you had in your reply. I understand you're a veteran but none of that advice is helpful nor is it relevant to my motherboard setup.

    I think I'll just wait until I get an upgraded card, the GTX 670 2GB. Doea anyone think the VRAM on this model is sufficient for running 3 27" 1080 monitors?
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    your dont need another video card your mb has one built in for the third monitor.
    setting your bios like mine to this.
    will get you this in windows.
    so you can use any video card and the intel built in video of the cpu.
    the second image is the default windows driver the newer ones are on intel web page.
  7. Thank you. I managed to get this setup correctly. However, i ended up buying a 2gb gtx 670 today.
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