Evga gtx 590 = confused ?

hey guys i just bought an evga geforce gtx 590 classified..and i dont get it? says memory bandwidth : 331.7GB/sec ..when i check gpu-z it says memory bandwitdh : 165.3 GB/sec...im new to video cards..will i get full 331 GB/sec band width, how ? do u gotta run it in sli..is this card actually good. or should i go with an ati hd 7970.? which 1 of these cards should i go with..any help is greatly appreciated..thanks guys....also i do a lilbit of gaming and both these cards are prolly way more then what i need , but i got um and need ur help, too help me which 1 would perform better. imnn all cases.. gaming , blu-ray playback ,movie converting ect ect. thks again

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  1. I think it's testing one core of the EVGA. If you run both cores you will get the memory bandwidth that you stated.

    I never had a dual core GPU, so is there an option to run it in SLI? or is it considered one card when you go to Nvidia Control Panel?
  2. yes there is an option to maximize 3d video , which sorta go`s in sli. but under gpu-z shows 2 gpu. each at 165GB/sec . so with both it totals 331GB/sec... but i dont know when the other gpu kicks in or if they run at the same or what..i thought it was 331 GB/sec like a single gpu card...if u can understand what im sayn..lol
  3. I've never owned a dual chip GPU either, but as far as I know, you need to enable it to run in SLI for the card to work. the card is physically built with an SLI bridge on the PCB, so it is actually running SLI
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