Buying new parts, need suggestions.

Hey, so my current build is:
fx-8120 OC
2x4gb corsair vengeance 1600mzh ram
gtx 560 OC
ssd corsair force gt 90gb
hdd wd 5400rpm 320gb
bitfenix merc beta case
cm hyper 212 evo cooler
990fxa-ud3 mobo

So im planning to buy a new:

graphics card, case and a cpu cooler.
Now what i know is that when buying a corsair h80 or smth like that you need a good airflow and cool air in case for better OC results. Now what cases have good airflow ?

Also i cant make up my mind about these two GPU-s:


As you see, the 7970 is cheaper + i love AMD. Im planning to put in red fans, red LED's etc to make a full AMD system. BUT is it worth it ?

What would you guys suggest, the plan is to:

Get maximum peformance and more than 4.0ghz OC on my cpu (currently i have 4.0ghz at stock voltage with cm hyper 212 evo)

Shoot! :)
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  1. I would say the HD7970 over the 670. With the new drivers it will outperform the 670, and it will support multiple monitor gaming with its 3GB of VRAM and Eyefinity. If its cheaper all the better.

    A very good case that will fit with your red colour scheme is the HAF-XM, or the HAF-X if you want the size.

    Pre-made water coolers aren't generally worth it until you get to the H100 or above. Even then its iffy because there are some air-coolers that are $30 cheaper (in the States anyway) that will perform similarly.
  2. yeah i just read myself aswell, that if you already have a cm hyper 212 evo and good airflow then the h80 wont be an improvement.

    so my thoughts are:
    corsair 600t white with window sidepanel
    2x bitfenix spectre pro 200mm RED LED
    3x bitfenix spectre pro 120mm RED LED (2 for hyper 212 evo, 1 for rear exhaust)
    sapphire hd7970 (the one that i linked)

    should be pretty decent airflow and should look great with the white/red accent and windowed sidepanel :P

    any thoughts/ideas/suggestions ? :P
  3. Seems pretty good.
    Only thing I can think of to improve the build is another HDD, since for my gaming library, 320GB wouldn't last long (Steam folder is 206GB, so it may just be me though :lol: ).
  4. one thing more: how are the spectre pro fans ? good for airflow/cooling cm hyper 212 evo ?
  5. When it comes to heat-sinks and radiators, you want a higher pressure rather than CFM.
    CFM optimized fans are better as case fans, as there isn't anything impeding airflow for it to push past.
    Static pressure fans are better for heatsinks as they provide a lot of resistance to airflow, so the fan needs to "push harder" to get air through.

    Corsair Quiet edition fans are known for being good heatsink fans, and they have a static pressure of .5mm/H2O (I dont know what it means either). Compared to their high CFM twin, which has a static pressure of 1.1mm/H2O, they perform better. So it seems the lower the number, the better they perform. The 120mm Spectre Pro's have a static pressure of 1.56mm/H2O. So I assume they are not optimized for heat-sinks all that much, and more for a free flow environment (which is backed up for their high CFM).

    Heres the resources I used. Just in case you want to check any of this for yourself.

    So after that long spiel, while not optimized for heatsinks, I think the Spectre Pro's will do the job adequately (kind of anti-climactic aint it).
  6. hmm, at there arent any good heatsink fans then :/
  7. Higher pressure fans are better for the job, but any fan will perform adequately.

    I actually just have two standard 120mm Coolermaster fans, didn't research the CFM or anything (back then I wasn't as knowledgeable) and I am enjoying very good temps on my CPU (under 55C at full load, ambient ~20C).

    So the Spectre Pro fans should be fine.
  8. atm i have the cm hyper 212 evo stock fan for pushing and an old 1300cfm fan for pulling.

    temps are below 50 at 4.0ghz with a shitty case and shitty airflow and no intake fans :D

    should be super-good with my new megacase and megaairflow

    thanks for your time :)
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