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Okay so I just got the Sapphire 7850 OC. I can game on it for a long time but when I randomly surf on firefox or chrome I crash. I get white vertical lines and a greyish background. I'm currently on 12.6 Beta drivers. Anyone know if its the hardware or is it the drivers being the problem? I'm able to game a long time usually 2-3 hours but when I go to switch a server (using battlelog for BF3) I crash. The game's not running just the web browser.
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  1. my sapphire atm works fine, so ts probably a specific game problem. I'm using 12.4 and haven't updated yet.
  2. Don't use beta drivers if you want stability. Or beta anything, for that matter. There's a reason it's not officially released yet.
  3. I've tried Offical 12.4 but BF3 Won't even load up. It's always a DX3G.DDL or something like that error. The issue only happens when something flash related is used. Doesn't happen all the time. Only happens randomly.
  4. try using the leaked 12.7 beta drivers
  5. Alright I'll try the 12.7 beta drivers. Also updated flash. It doesn't happen frequent but it does happen randomly so I'll just have to wait and see. Last thing I want to do is have to RMA the card :/ Although I doubt that I need to do that if I'm playing bf3 for long periods of time with no issue :/

    Although once before the display driver did crash and when it was restarted and I tried to play a game the FPS was so bad it was unplayable. Had to reboot the PC and then everything was fine again :/
  6. uninstall your drivers and install 12.4
    try your graphics card on other PC or reinstall windows.
    try to disable catalyst A.I.
  7. Well I'll reinstall in a few days. Waiting for my new PSU to come in. We'll see for now if udpated flash solves the crashing. I mean i run my games fine. No problems what so ever. Just there are random crashes when using firefox. I switched over to chrome for today and it crashed once. White vertical lines and a grey background :/

    Edit: Just crashed on youtube on chrome :/... I'll reformat tommorow i guess. If anyone else has a 7850 and has crashes with flash then let me know if you fixed it. The crash is always a black screen lock up.

    Edit: Confirmed that it is something to do with flash... Always happens when something flash related is on the page :/
  8. Just reformatted and went to try out youtube... What do you know crash!. Using official 12.4 drivers. Haven't tried any games yet since I have to reinstall them. Will give you an update later on :/
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