Radeon 6870 BSODs, driver problem, or bad card?

I got a an XFX radeon 6870. BSODs 20 to 60 minutes after starting a game; sometimes BSOD while surfing the net. Tried 12.4 drivers, 12.2 drivers, 11.12 drivers.

5 BSODs, 4 of those 5 have been SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION with a splattering of drivers mentioned (ntoskrnl.exe common to all), the other was PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA. The drivers mentioned seem very random, except for the ntoskrnl.exe.

Games will sometimes not BSOD, but rather crash and give a "fatal error" message, usually referencing something like a "thread_exception" or something (didnt really read them).

Old 4850 works fine. On board video works fine. Nothing overclocked. Brand new card, brand new problem.

Im suspecting bad card. But before I RMA I was wondering if anyone had heard of this problem being driver related.

I am having absolutely no luck at all with video cards recently.
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  1. So did you start having problems as soon as you go the card? If so, RMA it immediately for a new card.

    Make sure you uninstalled your older drivers from your 4850.

    Also, try the 12.6 BETA drivers if it helps at all:
  2. Yep, 20 minutes after fresh driver install inside a game, bam, BSOD, first try.

    I try to do clean driver installs; after uninstalling in normal mode, I go to safe mode and use driver sweeper.

    Ill try those new drivers too, just in case.
  3. Make sure you uninstalled your older drivers before installing the newer one and try your 6870 on other pc to make sure that the graphics card is the problem .
  4. Run disk check / scandisk. when bsod happen, sometimes there windows files being corrupted and lead to another bsod..

    run disk check after bsod is recommended before trying anything else....
  5. ran chkdisk, did sfc /scannow, nothing wrong... system service exception BSOD with new drivers after sitting in a game menu, like usual.

    Have to RMA and wait at least another 7 days now to get a new card.

    Not impressed so far with my first XFX card.
  6. Hopefully the next card turns out better.
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