No display when playing hot pursuit but game is running in back ground.i can hea

pc configuration
2.5 ghz dual core processor
4 gb ddr2 ram
nvidea 210 geforce
help me
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  1. Have you updated the game?

    Also have you updated your Nvidia drivers?
  2. yes i have the latest drivers as well.
  3. hey , i had played nfs run without any problem so why hot pursuit causing problems.
  4. Have you patched the game?

    Scroll down until you see your game:
  5. hey , it seems like my monitor and graphics card are enemies from the start bcoz there is no display while booting windows 7 its doesnt happen with my ati graphic card .
  6. if that is the problem then i dont think there is any solution. for that
  7. That's quite possible. Is there another display port you can try? If it still has the problem they you may want consider returning the card for a replacement (if still under warranty).
  8. thanks
  9. hey degrading my nvidea drivers works for me
  10. Oh that's good, glad your solution worked out for you :)
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