Better Fan for a V8?

Hello, I recently built a brand new gaming rig with an i7 3770k cpu and a Cooler Master V8 cooler. I'm beginning to overclock my processor (so far it's at 4GHz). Unfortunately so far I am slightly concerned about the temps which can reach up to 70 degrees (C). Is there a better fan that I can buy for the cooler that could bring my temps down by a few degrees? It may be worth noting that the cooler takes a 120mm fan. Thanks in advance.

Note: I am not too concerned about noise, although I do like things to be semi-quiet.
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  1. It is a normal PWM case fan so there is a large selection, for improvements it has to do more cfm than the stock fan.
  2. I've heard of replacing the fan with this one: (SILVERSTONE FM121)
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