Hi guys. I want to ask if my system is good,how good,and what are the best settings i can make without OC. The parts are: P8Z68 V-PRO mobo, 2x4Gb XMS 3 Corsair 1600 RAM , CPU i5 2500K , GPU GTX 590 ,HDD WD Caviar Black 7200 Rpm 1T , CPU cooler Deepcool Fiend Shark .I want it mostly for gaming but i dont want OC anything.Are they all compadiblle??? Something about my CPU and the RAM isnt i think.PLZ answer. :(
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  3. Well do you want advice or not?
  4. These forms are for UPGRADE and PART CHOOSING.I dont want neither! I have my parts and i am just asking from your experience if the system is good and how good,and if there is a problem between my RAM and i5.I think they are not working at 1600...
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    All the parts are compatible.
    Should be a decently powerful gaming rig, it will play BF3 at med-high settings (maybe Ultra even) at a decent FPS.
    If you think the RAM isnt running at the right frequency, go into the BIOS and manually set it to 1600Mhz, or enable the XMP profile which will also do that.
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