Would all of these Components work together.

I was wondering if all of these components would work together and I am looking for a suitable power supply.
ASUS P8H61-M Intel H61 mATX Motherboard - LGA1155 socket
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  1. Yes, they will. Although it's not the best combination...that CPU can be overclocked, but that motherboard won't let you do it. Go for a Z68 board, or better yet get an Ivybridge CPU and a Z77 board.

    GPU is good, you'll not have problems with that.

    A 600W PSU would do you. Don't get a cheap PSU, it can be fatal to your system. Go for a branded one...Enermax, Seasonic, Be Quiet!, Silverstone, Corsair, XFX...
  2. Those components will fit together, but are not very optimized for each other.

    That 2500k can be upgraded to a 3570k for a small bump in price and comes with the typical Ivy benefits (Bit faster, lower power draw, PCI-3).

    H61 motherboards are quite old and wont let you overclock (which is why you get a k series CPU), and lack many of the features (SATAIII, USB3, PCI-3, more stuff with 3's on them) of modern motherboards. You want a Z77 motherboard.

    Graphics card is pretty good, make sure to get one from a good manufacturer, I suggest Gigabyte, ASUS, MSI or Sapphire.

    A 650W power supply should be plenty for your needs. This one is from a good brand and should serve you just fine.
    Corsair Enthusiast 650W, 80+ Bronze non-modular. $90
  3. Thank you I will look into the motherboard.
  4. Ok I have decided to go with a 650 watt power supply and change my motherboard to the AsRock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 Motherboard.
    Thanks for the help
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