HD7850 vs EVGA GeForce GTX 560Ti

Hi i'm going to build a new computer but i can't choose between the XFX HD7850 and the GeForce GTX 560Ti !
plz help i what a card that will perform well in battlefield 3 and other games and that you don't need to change in a few years
plz help me!
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  1. one performs well at such a good price, while the other mostly performs better at a better efficiency.

    but if you're concerned with future proofing, latest is better, so 7850.
  2. 7850 +1

    Purely an ATI fan, it also uses less power while being slightly more powerfull
  3. Both cards perform well at their respective price points. Since you want to keep it for a couple of years I suggest the 7850.
  4. Basicly the HD 7850 is a bit more expensive but it also performs better while using less power.Its also newer tech and can overclock much higher.
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