A8-5600k vs a8-5500

I was just wondering if I could run battlefield 3 on the A8 5500 apu because the a8-5600k apu can run the same game and it has the same integrated graphic solution (7560d) as the A8-5500

I if the A8-5500 apu can run battlefield 3, what kind of frame rates can i expect on it. The system I bought has 8 gigs of ram
Thanks again
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  1. both of those apu's would barely be able to run BF3. expect maybe 25-30 fps will all settings turned to low at 720p
  2. Relatively low performance @ 1920x1080 resolution using low quality and medium quality graphics in single player mode.


    Best to use low resolution of 1366x788. It should be possible to run with medium quality graphics and still get pretty good frame rates.


  3. wow thats some impressive performance at 1366*768 at low settings!! touching 50 fps !!!
  4. Thanks!!!!!
    I'll prolly use that resolution anyway cuz i have a terrible monitor
    I really appreciate the fact you put in graphs
  5. One more question, would preformance benifit from adding more ram (upgrading to 16 gigs)
  6. no benefit whatsoever :/
  7. Aight thanks
    And could this apu run planet side 2 at low settings on a low resolution
  8. Yes it can.
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