Msi twin forzer II R7850 O/C, normal frame rate? (BFBC2)

i just got a new video card and i seem to be getting worse performance. The older card I had was the HD 5770 and i got around 120 fps on low 1680x1050( if i remember right) on the new card thr R7850 i seem to be getting top 80 fps on low 1680x1050.

whats the problem and how can i fix it ( I have all the drivers and everything fro the new card)

phenom II 965 3.4ghz
8 gb 1600mhz
asus m4a87td
msi twin forzer II R7850
zumax 500w X2 fan
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  1. It could be the drivers.

    Try the 12.6 BETA drivers and see if it makes any difference:
  2. nope didnt work
  3. Well, it could be the game. Sometimes better cards don't mean higher frame rates. If you are consistently getting >60 FPS it's not a problem at all.

    How is the other games? If it's only BFBC2, then it's only the games problem not your card.
  4. well tf2, css and dead space 2
  5. Hmm, you should tell MSI that you are receiving higher frame rates with another card than the one you own and see what they say.
  6. Quote:
    I get around 120fps average at 1080p with 32xCSAA maxed out...

    Definitely something wrong.

    on tf2 or what?
  7. oh kk so what should i do i was thinking about getting a new psu and cpu
  8. OHHHH kk, I contacted msi and they said my motherboard doesn't support the graphics card. thanks for all of you helped
  9. It doesnt matter if the GPU is not supported on the motherboard.

    Pretty sure the only motherboards I have that have supported GPU's on is my main.

    I would check that power supply. Could you give us some specs on it?
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