Gaming New Build - Need Your Experience and Advice, pls!

Hi all,

i'm a new one here. this is my first thread and I thought it would be an intelligent move to ask you for advice regarding a new build gaming pc which can handle games from SimCity and simulations up to the latest Medal of Honour or any other complex games.

So here's the whole thing:-

I'm in search of the following components and I'm ready to spend up to 2500 EUR >>

CPU: guess an i7 will do good. any suggestions?

VGA: as I already said, anything that can handle with no trouble games from SimCity and simulations up to the latest Medal of Honour or any other complex games.

Motherboard: Useless to say that apart from being compatible with the CPU, it also has to support the VGA in case I need a latest generation one.

CPU Cooling: The better the merrier. Summers over here are really hot and humid and a hardcore cooling system is a must especially if lag makes you go bonkers.

Case: Must have a good air ventilation not only because of hot and humid summer days but also because the backside of the case will only be 20cm away from the wall, thus heat easily accumulates in that tiny space in between.

Power Supply: ideal Wattage?

DVD/CD Drive: ideal speed?

Also, I'm in a dilemma if I should opt for ASUS or GIGABYTE. Whats your opinion and experience regards the subject?

Last but not least, your opinions, critism and experience is just MORE than welcome, not to say its a MUST. :p Feel free to change and suggest alternative ideas if the case be.

Thanks in advance and regards. :)
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  1. where are you? ill provide a build according to uk prices though

    you can add another graphics card in the future if you would like. make sure to get the same power supply but the fan must be gray and not green

    i5s perform the same as i7s in games
  2. here's malta just beneath sicily.

    just 2 questions:

    1) what can you tell me about GIGABYTE vs Asus?

    2) Are 750W enough?

    Thanks for your help btw :)
  3. they are different brands all together. asus generally has a better BIOS layout and slightly better software. gigabtye has more hardware features compared to software and offers generally a better value for the money. otherwise they are about the same

    750w is enough for 2 video cards. its more than enough to power the given configuration
  4. well, thanks for the help.

    btw, since i have some heat problem issues would you recommand me to go for this case?

    and if I had to go for an ASUS mobo which one would you suggest me to choose?
  5. do you mean like its 30c outside all the time?

    if not, the define r4 should be more than fine
  6. temp various between 32 and can reach 40s too. :P its freakin hot my friend.

    any asus mobo suggestion btw?

    and regards the CPU Fan does a Sleeve bearing differ that much from a Magnetism/Twister bearing? coz i was thinking to switch to an enermax ets-t40-tb.

    correct me if i'm wrong. i'm just a noob here so i rly appriciate your advise and experience. :)
  7. wow. its only like 25c in canada although the sun can make things feel like 40c. better off with that case you chose

    i got you a gigabyte motherboard instead. cheaper and a better bang for the buck

    the fan doesnt matter too much. no need for aftermarket fans
  8. the most airy case i can think of is the corsair carbide 500r.
  9. Yep, I have that case and along with the Hyper 212 EVO, my temps rarely exceed 50C under full load.
  10. good. then i'll check the corsair too.

    i have some concerns about the VGA (Asus GeForce GTX 670 2GB Video Card). acording to some reviews it occasionally crashes due to it being overclocked. should i worry that much?
  11. yeah the top cards had a bios problem. they fixed it with the new batch of cards and their v-bios update

    you could also check out the gigabyte windforce 670 or the msi power edition 670.
  12. so i guess now its reliable, right?
  13. not sure about GIGABYTE!'s it better than the Asus one?

    btw, whats a good Asus alternative MB for the Gigabyte one you suggested me? i'm defenitely going for an ASUS mobo.

    as regards the CPU cooling fan i should defenitely opt for the Cooler Master, right?

    again, thanks for your time and help. :)
  14. why asus? its not worth it. the ud3h is pretty much the best motherboard for the money. for asus you have to spend 40 more dollars for the same features

    the coolermaster is the one to get
  15. ok. than I'll settle for the Giga mobo as long as it has a good BIOS.

    how about the VGA? how's the Gigabyte card better than the ASUS?
  16. more cooling area=lower temps

    the gigabyte bios is ok. not as good as asus but it isnt worth 40 dollars
  17. so basically the performance of Asus VGA and Giga VGA are similar in this case.

    btw, i found this Gigabyte mobo: GA-Z68XP-UD4. it looks quite good and only 15 EUR ($19) more than the UD3H. yet, they seem to perform the same functions. what do you think?
  18. no. z68 doesnt have the features that the z77 board has. get the Z77X-UD3H not z68
  19. so. here's the PC at the moment.

    the missing slots are going to be purchased locally for sure and I already have an idea of what to purchase.

    feel free to critisize. I am all ears :)

    thanks for the help, time, dedication and patience :)
  20. in addition doesnt he have to update the bios on the board (z68) if he gets a 3rd gen i5? :x
  21. yes he will. he should be getting a z77 board if you are going with a i5 3570k

    i changed the cooler
  22. ok. 10x. i'll def. go for the z77 and thanks for changing the cooler: i forgot to change it back to EVO
  23. ok then
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