AMD Radeon 7950 HD overpriced

Hello, Guys I just wanted to ask ,do u think that the radeon 7950 HD is overpriced.Its specs are better than the 6950 but the price difference does not justify the performance boost.What do u think ?
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  1. different architecture, the specs cant be compared directly... rather look at the performance
    7950 is 33% faster than 6950 at 1920*1200... though it all boils down to the pricing in your country. and retailers are trying to clear old stock so previous gen cards get discounted a lot
  2. The problem with looking at last years tech is that as mentioned people are trying to get rid of it. This is why the GTX480 is ~$200 while the similar GTX570 is $50+ more. AMD and Nvidia have been pretty good recently at making sure the price/performance ratio is correct. The 7950 is probably priced right.
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