In need of advice: Is 300W enough?

Hey guys,

I've decided to buy this computer from newegg: iBUYPOWER computer

Anyways, I was just wandering if the 300W power supply is good enough to run this computer as long as I don't upgrade it at all. I've read some reviews and people say that you should upgrade the psu if you buy this computer.

So I was wondering if I could get some feed-back from you guys. So what do you think, is the 300W psu good enough to run this computer as long as I don't upgrade it?

Thanks in advance for any reply's I get. :)
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  1. Definitely will cause problems one way or another. Red voltage switcher indicates an oudated design with no active protections. Rails indicate 300w is the highly optimistic outlook. It is at best a 250w unit on a very good day. Not enough to run a 7750 at all with any confidence.

    Here's a few budget ones I found on the CA.
  2. The Power Supply Unit is a rather critical piece of hardware in a computer.

    If you are not 100% happy with the machine specifications then I would not decide to buy it.

    That's as nonsensical as 'which AMD CPU is better' threads.
    - They incorrectly make the assumption that Core i3's, etc. in the same price range will not outperform and use less power doing so.

    Consider purchasing another PC, as if you can notice a fault prior to purchase then chances are you'll notice a lot more faults after purchase.

    I am not familiar with their build quality, but based on lilotimz comment above it does raise questions about their parts selection.
  3. You could do much better with $480 imo. If you really want to go for that premade computer, grab a CX430 for like $40 bucks. Its more than enough, and its pretty high quality.
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