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ASUS 1001HA has problem with wifi connection to cable modem. It usually connects but then drops out in 1-2 mins - however sometimes it is OK for hours. Running "Repair" or "Update drivers" usually allows it to reconnect but then it drops out again. I have tried updating the driver but it does not help.
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  1. try setting your router to 802.11g as opposed to 'n' or mixed mode and see if the unit can then connect in a more stable way to the router.
  2. Thank you very much for your suggestion. Much appreciated. However the results are similar. I have tried it with two different cable modems, both of which are OK with other laptops/netbooks.

    When I do a "Repair" it usually connects for long enough to view a website, then drops out. Occasionally it stays for much longer. When it is connected it works fine. Is it possible there is a software problem on the netbook ? I have tried some different drivers.
  3. Is your cable modem also the wireless access point? Do you get the same behavior when you are right next to the AP? McDonalds often have free WiFi hotspots, can you maintain your connection on another network?

    David Dean
  4. Yes the cable modem (Motorola SBG900) is also the wireless access point. We did have similar results with another cable modem at another house. There is no difference when it is right next to the AP. I saw that in another forum someone suggested to try "netsh winsock reset" as a counter to dropouts - I have tried this.

    For whatever reason I was able to connect by wireless for several hours last night - it dropped out many times but each time either reconnected automatically or I repaired the connection.
  5. Have you tried MtHoodlum's suggestion about trying it on another network?
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying. I have not tried it on a public type network. However the two cable modems mentioned above are different models on different networks and different ISPs. Both work fine with all other laptops tried.
  7. Since it's portable it couldn't hurt to try it on some other "free" network, but I hear what you are saying, two different access points from two different ISP's doing the same thing is not a good indicator.

    What is happening with the WiFi/Bluetooth indicator on the front of the unit? Does it go out when you get disconnected?

    If your unit has Bluetooth, disable it through the ASUS EeePC tray icon in Windows. See if that makes a difference.

    I know that a [Fn + F2] on these models turns the wireless services on/off, next time you disconnect try toggling this feature and see if it reconnects naturally. (rather than doing a windows repair). It's the Radio Tower special function key on the keyboard.

    Also, if you plug the sucker right into the router/modem via an Ethernet cable does it work properly?

    Also, consider posting your question in the support forums. Maybe another owner has also had a similar issue.
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