Pc gets shutdown after some time help...

plys see my pc req
cpu i5 2400
psu corsair vs550w
mobo gab75md3h gigabyte
ram 8gb corsair veng.
gpu gtx 550ti zotac
cabinet iball class x

when i play nfs mw 2012 pc shutdowns in just 20-30 min of play and today i recently played xcom enemy unkown and pc again shuts down in 2:30-3 hours of play
and for some time pc not able to start for 5-10 min why?what happen?
this is my new system 1month old only..
from my side i think itz overheating prob of psu if yes then what is solution for this??plyz help i am very upset for this problem
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  1. HI, Install HWMonitor and check the temperatures while playing, If temps are OK, then it's probably a power supply issue. Try borrowing one and test.
  2. update all the drivers and the bios too
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