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my friends needs a new gaming rig, he needs it to be awesome, with red/black theme, i made this up

CPU:Intel Core i7 3770K 3.5 ghz
CPU Cooler:Thermaltake CLP0596
GPU:EVGA GeForce GTX 690
RAM:G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)
SSD:Corsair Force Series GT 480gb
HDD:Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB

I am worried about the cpu fcooler if its ok for overclocking, also about the case, where to put SSD, and also if everything is ok
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  1. also, if u can find a good big monitor for that build it would be good
  2. Does he really need a GTX 690?

    Gaming doesn't require an i7, nor such an expensive mobo, nor anything more than 8GB of RAM. Awesome or not, hes spending way more than he has to to get great gaming experience, you would be remiss in your duties of financial adviser to not make him aware of this.

    Also, you're using a P67 chipset with an Ivy Bridge, why?
  3. he asked me, he got 100k and needs awesome stuff, he wants a core i7 and a gtx 690, whats with the P67 and the ivy bridge? it wont work?
  4. Sounds to me like he needs a personal accounting advisor, if hes blowing his 100K on "awesome" stuff, hes gonna be broke pretty fast.

    Any way. Yes a P67 board will work, however it will probably require a BIOS update before it does, which means.. you need a Sandy Bridge chip to make it work with an Ivy. Buy a chipset that is guaranteed to support Ivy out of the box. If you want awesome which in my book means more expensive than it has to be, look at Asus Sabertooth Z77 mobos.
  5. Oh and be sure and tell him my insightful input will cost him about $900 bucks. :lol:
  6. i already checked sabertooth motherboards and they are out of stock :D any suggestions? come on whats his problem if he wants an awesome rig? he will not spend 100k on all of this, more like 3k and left is for him.. please help me and leave the fact about the cash alone i would appreciate that, also if u can find a good monitor tell me
  7. I'm just having fun, you are on a nerd forum... Relax.

    Sabertooth Z77, in stock here, free shipping,


    Dual monitors are definitely FTW, so I'd suggest 2 of these:

  8. If you really want a ROG board (and I do think they're cool as hell) the Maximus V is $30 more than the IV, in stock at Newegg, and it's a Z77.
  9. thanks kaels,
    and nekulturny i meant a 2500x1440 monitor, or something like that am not sure at the resolution
  10. Well the monitor I linked is a 1920x1080, thats the most common resolution gamers shoot for. Anything higher than that, no I have no suggestions in my database, except to stick with Asus brand if you can.
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