Which is the best cpu (processor) for nvidia 660ti and asus p5kplamps

which is the best cpu for nvidia gtx 660ti and asus p5kplamps motherboard
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  1. if ua re going with 660ti which is really good card u should upgrade the mobo too
    u can get a bundle deall for a processor and cpu together get a ivy bridge even the i3 would be good
  2. If you do not want to upgrade your motherboard, this is one of the best CPU's for you.
    This one is OK too

    But really... upgrading your motherboard, buying new RAM and a new CPU for the same price will give you much better performance.

    Basicly if you're not an overclocker, this will be perfect for you.

  3. Asus P5KPL-AM/PS with bios 0502 the fastest in of the Extreme Editions, but that depends on motherboard revision.

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