Join many wifis into one connection???.

Ok, been reading alot, i find load balancing for wired network if i like to make 1 connection with any amount of internet connections but what about WIFIs?, is it possible for me to get 2 usb wifi, connect each to 2 different wifi internet then join them as 1?...
Do i just bridge both and i'm done?, i don't really understand what bridging networks do but for all i read out there is not the same as load balancing...

There is another thing i wanna do with this and once i'm connected to the 2 wifis i want to get that connection out my ethernet port in my pc to a xbox360.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. If you mean drop two WiFi NIC's in your PC and connecting them to different Internet services to increase your available throughput, then no. Bridging connects two different networks together, hence the name, it is not a speed increasing methodology.
  2. No, that is not what i want to do, i mean having 2 wifi modems, 2 usb wifi in my pc, connecting 1 usb wifi to 1 modem then the another usb wifi to the other modem now adding those 2 wifi connectiong in my pc as 1 then plug a cable to me xbox360.
  3. I don't understand what you are asking then, I thought that's what I just answered.

    Why do you want to put 2 WiFi adapters in one computer? You can have many WiFi cards and connections to many networks (or internet connections), but it won't improve your performance.

    Connecting your XBOX to the Ethernet port on the PC is fine, just need to enable Internet Connection Sharing.
  4. I really hate when people say NO to this type of thing, everything is possible with computers and if not then a new hardware or software will be created.

    All i wanna do is gatter as many wifi connections out ther and make them into one.

    Now i bet you will ask WHY?!?!?!?... Well just because i wanna do it.
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