Which power supply is better for my PC?

I am deciding between
Corsair CX600 600W (120 mm fan, 46 A on 12V rails)
Antec HCG-520 520W (135 mm fan, 40A on 12V rails)

They both cost 67€ (I am from Europe, Slovenia). I'm choosing a PSU for my first build and wouldn't like to spend more than 70€ on it.
Specs (no OCing):
- Intel i7-3770
- Asrock B75 PRO3-M
- 2 x 8GB RAM Crucial Ballistix Sport
- Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660, 2GB (maybe a newer card after 3-4 years)
- Seagate Barracuda 2TB, 7200 rpm (+ around 120 SSD disk in the future)
- Mouse, keyboard, speakers (not power-hungry)

If there could be any issues with compatibility between other parts of this build please tell me and recommend if there is any better part in this price range that would be compatible.
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  1. Either brand is good; check your vender for warranty service from your country. Get the one with the best warranty.
  2. http://pcpartpicker.com/uk/part/xfx-power-supply-p1550sxxb9

    more wattage than u need and better quality than both the above ps :)
  3. Thank you for respose :) I'm deciding now mainly between XFX model that iceclock recommended and Corsair CX600, because they have more amps on 12V rails, which is important if I buy more power-hungry graphic card in the future. Is there difference between these 2 models in noise?
    It seems XFX has 5 year warranty if I register my PSU at their website when I buy it and Corsair has only 3 year warranty. So I suppose XFX is a better choice.
  4. the corsair cx series isnt that great tbh its alright, but the xfx model is alot more reliable and i beleive its made by seasonic as an oem ps :)

    and they make great ***.
  5. Can somebody tell me if these parts I have selected above will fit together without any complications? My biggest fear is to buy them and find out they are not compatible. :S

    Another thing, does this RAM (2 x 8GB RAM Crucial Ballistix Sport ) support XMP and is XMP smart to use, will I feel any performance boost, especially while gaming? :D
  6. I believe it's the motherboard chipset that supports xmp, not the ram. Any compatable ram will work in xmp mode.
  7. Does Intel B75 Express chipset supports XMP? I still wonder if it pays off to have XMP enabled?
  8. You'll find the setting somewhere in your bios; don't know too much except that it automatically detects and sets the ram speed at the max allowed by your ram and chipset. 1600 is typically the max unless you overclock the cpu.
  9. Corsair RAM I'm buying is 1600 MHz, CL9... I guess this is stock speed and timing, will it differ if I turn on XMP in BIOS? And could using XMP cause any overheating or instability? I won't overclock the cpu (3770 model, no K, no overclocking).
  10. a corsair vx series is on par with a seasonic m12ii(modular) or s12ii
    they are both of great quality
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