Advice on Server/High-end Workstation New Build

Approximate Purchase Date: as soon as possible

Budget Range: 500-1200

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Math Computations, Read/Write to database.

Are you buying a monitor: No, no graphics processing is going to be done on the server

Do you need to buy OS: No, most likely running a generic linux server build (possibly ubuntu server)

Location: Manhattan, NY

Parts Preferences: Intel i7 or Xeon, 1 or more cores. ECC not necessary, but I would like to experiment with RAID0/RAID10/RAID01

Overclocking: No

Additional Comments: Was looking at rackmount servers and tower servers, but this is going to be in a 100sqft undivided living space where i will sleep.

- So it must be relatively quiet.

Can't control temperature either. This will be a testing server so production level quality and uptime is not an issue, but performance needs to be decent enough so it wont become a burden to develop.

- Also considering running a web server on this in the meantime.
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  1. What apps do you intend to run on this server? How many users will access it?

    This really looks like a fairly small build. As a thought, since you are sleeping in the room, check out this little HP server:

    Not an i7/Xeon, but could meet your needs and budget. While out of stock now, I am sure you can find at other sites. Just a suggestion.
  2. Honestly you can just put together something in a small case, use a small board and put the i7 or whatever you're looking for. I'm guessing you will be doing everything through SSH after first setup?
  3. Contact me! I work whole sale with Servers. I can provide any server for any type of set up!
    I would suggest with your space constraints, ThinClient. I can assist you and give you a really great price.

    email me...
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