Is my power supply compatible?

hi people,

i was wondering whether the ocz zt series 650 watt power supply would power the asus HD 7770

i have looked around and have got no helpful information

please reply soon :)
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  1. Yes. No worries.
  2. According to AMD a good quality 500 watt power supply is sufficient for an overclocked pc equipped with a single Radeon HD 7770 graphics card:

    Both AMD and nVIdia are conservative with their recommendations. Both companies overestimate total pc power requirements because there is a tendency among consumers to purchase very cheap, low quality psu's of questionable performance and reliability.

    The OCZ-ZT650W power supply qualified for the PSU Lemon List:

    Scroll down to the OCZ section and follow the link to the technical review. The review provides detailed information about the psu's problems and issues.
  3. The simple answer is yes. BUT..this is assuming you dont have 50 hardrives and 50 fans installed. It's easier to give a correct answer when we know you entire system specs. Here is a link to a power supply calculator if you want to check it yourself...
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