How should i arrange my fans

OK so i just received today 3 120mm red led fans and 1 200mm red led fan...

I hvae already installed them and i was wondering if maybe is should change one around.

2 120mm LED
pulling in

1 120mm LED
Pulling in

1 200mm LED
pulling out

Back one 120 mm fan(came with case)
Pulling out

Thanks for the help in advance
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  1. Seems like a good setup.

    Assuming your front fans come through the drive bay and towards GPU(s), then this should be plenty of airflow.
  2. Thats fine as it is, only improvement I could suggest is a fancontroller tweak ach fan for optimum results, not necessary, just a nice touch
  3. ok do you recommend any specific air controllers
  4. Looks optimal to me.
  5. I use Nesteq's 8 channel controllers but there are a few to choose from, it depends how much you want to spend and how bling you want it, touchscreen, rotary knobs, sliders?
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