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i have some problems with my fans. first of all my gpu is going very slow...i think 2500rpm and my cpu with 4300rpm. my laptop is the m17x r3 with gtx 580 card.... i have some questions about my fans.first what s the maximum fan speed for the gpu fan?? and is there any way to increase the rpm of my gpu fan???? or i have to buy a new one?/

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  1. Max fan speed depends on the fan model. It's like asking the max speed of a car. They are all different.

    Why do you think you have a problem with the fans?
  2. as i said one of my fans is going with 4400rpm and the other(gpu fan) with 2400rpm ......and my temperature is rise
  3. when i bought the laptop from alienware... was playing for like 2-3 hours in a row and amy temperature was about 90C , now i am playing for 15-20 min and my temperature is the same....90C
  4. get yourself a can of the air dusters and try blowing out your intakes/exhaust areas as there may be some dust/debris build up hindering the performance of your heatsinks.

    also you can try speedfan to control the speeds of your fans.
  5. Check for dust in the vents and on the fans and heatsinks. Although even a few minutes of gaming will head up a chip, if it's not going over 90 and is not crashing, don't see any issue.
  6. Have you checked for dust? It may just need to be cleaned.
  7. i can t see any dust at all.....it seem to be clear(very clear i can say) yes my teamperature is rising to 92C so thats an issue..... is there any way to learn the speeed of my fan...yes i have hwinfo64 and i have change the fan settings : 30C:3000rpm, 40C:3500rpm, 50C:4000rpm, 60C:4500rpm, 70 & 80C :5000rpm......but still tha same problem 2400rpm is the fastest speed ......a week ago...was about 4500rpm
  8. ??????any help now my gpu fan don t even work sometimes,, pls i need help
  9. Can try to remove the fans and re-apply some new heat grease.
  10. what is the heat sink or the thermal paste or the one you said...becuase all the guys said me the same thing
  11. Heat sink would be the metal heat spreader under your fan, if the fan does not even work now or not well, I'd just replace the whole thing. You would want to search ebay for a part for your laptop, would be cheapest. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835100014 would be good for the compound to add to the gpu for the heatsink.

    It can be tricky to replace these things on a laptop, may want to find some help if you have never done this before.
  12. i have just bought a thermal pad and paste, now the only i have to do is to watch a video on youtube and call my cousin who his job is to replace parts :p ....is there anything else to buy or need to do???
  13. You don't want to use a pad AND paste, just the paste. A pad is just the paste hardened in a block so you can just stick it on It's almost always better to use the paste unless for some reason the item you are working with calls for a pad.
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