Which is better ?

Which is better one betwen acer,DELL& lenovo notebook?
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  1. While very subjective and open to debate, both Dell and Lenovo generally build better products than Acer. Personally, I would recommend Dell.

    The answer really depends on your needs, budget, and warranty support where you live.
  2. I would say Dell, they had really good customer service when I've contacted them before too.

    Their prices for their pre-built computers are decent too, not to shabby for the specs.

    Please consider custom building your own PC, it's more cost effective and you get warranties on all items for at least 2 years typically, plus it's a valuable learning experience.

    *edit* Sorry, just woke up, and misread.

    Yeah, Dell is pretty good though, they do have good customer service and come to your house and fix any issues if you're under warranty.

    Their notebooks are not to expensive either and seem solid with that they offer.

    What are you going to be using the notebook for specifically for though?
  3. cant really compare brands directly. Like I say with gpus, EVERY gpu maker has a bad unit somewhere, and reliability is not linear throughout the whole brand. You have to compare laptops directly, unless you are comparing customer service.
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