How to plug in a case fan?

I recently got a 200mm fan to try to get my pc to be a little quieter. I have tried to install it, but I can't figure how to plug in the molex cable. The fan has a male and a female connector. My power supply has a female one. I try to plug in the male to the female, but it won't fit right without me forcing it. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? All help is appreciated! :)
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  1. Made a mistake, meant to make my pc cooler.
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    Some molex connectors just don't mate perfectly. I've had to put some light force behind them in the past. Make sure you don't have any bent pins in either connect or any plastic jaggies from the manufacturing process obstructing the connection. I've had all of the above in the past. Razor blades are good for smoothing out the jaggies and a small needle nose can help manipulate any bent pins.
  3. I have tried bending them around a bit, and still no luck, gotta keep trying I guess :/
  4. They do take a little bit of a push to get them in.
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