Best mobo for a quad core

I was thinking of buying an i3, as it's considered quite good in the mid range segment. But would like to get a quad only, for better future proofing.

Would be using the system for mainly surfing and general usage (some multitasking) - little video encoding but not gaming really.
I do have the gpu - nvidia GT430 kept too.

Min requirement for the mobo is that it should have -

1. Ram - support for 1600MHZ DDR3 RAM or higher too and i would prefer 4 slots for ram rather than 2.
2. Two SSDs - And also it should also have the sata3 too because i would like to add Sata3 6Gbps ssd as well. If i can put in 2 such ssds would be preferred really.
3. Should have good reviews / acclaim - I dont want the cheapest, but the best performance at a fine rate.
4. Would be adding a tvtuner, and wireless too maybe.

Please suggest me some 2-3 choices of mobos for these some things -

a) Some 2-3 best Budget Mobos for i5 ( sandy bridge or ivy) - which are very good, but has little to fine OC capability. Dont know if LGA1155 mobos are too better than H61.

b) Some 2-3 best budget ones for Amd quads ( I have not decided which Amd cpu to buy but would like a best BUDGET quad CPU of amd - not the cheapest but the much acclaimed amd quad only, falling under budget price )

I would have got the Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 for the core i5, but would have got it if would liked to OC to a big extent. But OC costs total would be too much seeing the 1/4 th performance gain only, that i achieve. costs include buying a premium mobo + good cooler + better psu. And i dont game or video edit / encode much so i think OC will not be worth the small cpu gain.

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  1. No idea about this guys, u all are good but why silent ?
  2. Do a bit more research before you seriously consider buying anything. At the moment your ideas are a fair way off the mark. :non:

    If you want to actually buy yourself a PC, please post according to this thread.
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