What should I upgrade to improve gaming performance?

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  1. Largest factor in gaming performance is graphics card.
    Sapphire 6870 - $160

    5770 vs 6870

  2. SSD is going to increase your load times not fps. 4Gb is alright at this time.
  3. ^+1. A HD6870 would be a nice upgrade. You could also add a $30 cooler like a Xigmatek Gaia for a nice overclock:
  4. Wouldn't it be better to Crossfire another 5770 than to completely replace my old graphics card?
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    Crossfire does improve things, but issues are waiting. Noise, heat, extra power, micro-stutter, driver issues
    I would move on, buying the 6870 new or used. Then list your 5770 on eBay or something. Search this site and/or google and learn more about the advantage/disadvantage of cfx.
    The single most powerful card you can stick in there is always going to be your best bet.
    Based on your current system the 6870 is a winner.

    I am not saying don`t cfx, afterall it`s your money and time. I am certainly suggesting you read more about what you`re considering. Sure it sounds cool, pick up another 5770 new or used and double your game. Well, that`s what the 6870 is going to do, but with less hassle.

    Whatever you decide for gfx, agree with CPU cooler along with at least a couple case fans intake and a couple exhaust
  6. ^^Words to live by.

    The single most powerful card you can stick in there is always going to be your best bet.
  7. I wouldn't recommend crossfiring on that PSU, anyways. The total power it can output on its 12V rail is 450W, so with two ~110W video cards and a 125W CPU, you'd be cutting it pretty close (especially if it's lost any significant capacity since you bought it). Your best bet is to replace it entirely - the 6870 is a great choice, and the best card you can get for $160 new. If the 6870's too small of a jump for you, you could always grab a 7850 for about $230.
  8. I've always been confused about the numbers behind the graphics cards, I mean I know it's like generations and what not but why is the 6870 better than this one for example? It's a newer generation, shouldn't it be better?
    Also, is there any point to the PCI express 3.0?
  9. All good questions. This thread explains it good enough

    PCIe 3.0 not yet, sounds good but we`re all waiting though.
  10. So, hope we have pointed you to things to spend your money on. LOL
    GFX card, CPU cooler, case fans all add up to quite an upgrade. Continue to (re)search and you`ll end up with a decent gamer there.
    Once you get all that in place, look into the SSD.

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