Green dots on screen after re-installing GPU

My gtx580 was getting a bit hot lately so I decided to pull it out to hopefully blow some dust out with a can of air. Well, after blowing into the heat exhaust for a bit, I re-attached the card onto the motherboard and turned on the computer to find that green dots were appearing all over the monitor screen. I restarted the computer a few times and reinstalled the drivers, but the dots continued to remain on the screen. I checked this problem out online and, from what I've read, this occurrence might be a sign of a damaged or failing graphics card, but I don't remember being harsh with the card at all. I didn't wear a grounding strap, but was constantly touching the case of the computer to discharge any static buildup so I don't think that could've been the cause. Do any of you think that I should attempt to RMA it or can this be possibly remedied by a few settings tweaks?

Thanks to any future suggestions!
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  1. it sounds like a card that is going bad....sometimes condensation forms when you use the can of air maybe it built up so much that when you reinstalled the card it still had some moisture on it....or more possibly the card just got overly hot like you said and is starting to fail slowly....I would attempt to rma it if you can
  2. Try re-seating the card.
  3. also one other thing to look at before you rma it is make sure that the gold contacts on the gpu are can clean them off with a pink eraser if not
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