First time building, choosing a ~$250 CPU

I'm building my first computer from scratch and have been looking at the myriad of CPU's for a few days now.
I do have a budget, but was also looking to make a computer could last a few years.
I've heard GREAT reviews about the i5-3570K but was wondering if it would be worth the $extra cash to upgrade to an i7 with a slightly higher price range, such as the i7 3820, 2600k, or 2700K.

I'm looking to build a machine for $600-$700 so that leaves about $250 for CPU, $150 for mobo, $250 for everything else.

CPU+Mobo combinations would help too.
I'd like to get a good combo, without being extreme, because I know that the CPU/mobo are the hardest parts to "upgrade" when RAM and GPU's are much simpler.

I'll mainly be using this PC for gaming and CAD software.

What I'm currently thinking of buying:
i5 3570K
Radeon HD 7770 -or- GeForce GTX 650 Ti

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  1. if its for gaming, which assuming it is, you need the best GPU you can get, and can skimp a lil on the CPU. the good news is the intel pentium and CORE processors (i3,i5,i7) all use socket 1155 unless your looking at the extreme series. You should get the best GPU you can and settle for a sandy bridge Pentium or i3 processor until you get the $$ for the i7, thats what i did. My system runs fine with a i3-2120, and i can throw in an ivy bridge i7 at any time.
  2. At Microcenter 3570k's are only $169.99. I highly recommend picking one up from there if there is one in your general area.
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