First Build optimization?

I have been looking to replace my crashed pc for about 6 months. I had the cash in my pocket and was 15 minutes from micro center yesterday, So I dropped a grand.

I have an Acer AL2216W monitor as well as a LG 45(or so)" plasma TV I plan to use.

The build was relatively painless, except I couldn't find the modular cable to molex plug for my case fans until a few hour after :D

It has been running nonstop for around 36hours.
f6 bios
windows update
3dmark - 8459
5.9 windows index (guess I need an ssd)
ran prime95 for 6 hours
cpu temp 31C idle 45C arma2 demo


How do I know if this thing is running as it should?
What programs are recommended on a fresh install?
How should I go about Overclocking? I tried the gigabyte easytuner and I tried changing the multiplier through bios but cpuz still tells Im running at 3.4ghz

also 1 core runs ~43C while the other three running ~35C strange?

any help will be appreciated.
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  1. Turn off Intel Speedstep, it automatically underclocks when you don't need full performance.
  2. alright we're running at 4.6ghz now!^

    benchmarks and watch my temps to make sure its all good?
  3. Yeah
  4. Looks pretty good honestly. Temps fine, 3DMark looks fine. Sounds good.
  5. furmark bench

    BURN-IN SCORE: 4119 points
    40848 frames, 45 FPS, 71°C
    FPS: min:46, max:47, avg:45

    Im concerned about that 71C. Possibly reapply my 212 evo?
  6. That should be for the GPU. 71C is fine.
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    Intel say the maximum operating temperature is 71c and you're only getting that in a stress test, no program will get it that hot. You're fine.

  8. thoughts^?
  9. You will probably be OK like that but I would've thought the temperatures would be a little bit lower with that setup. If it was me, I'd drop the OC slightly just to get all temps under 70c to be safe.
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