Can I use this existing heatsink/wfan for new cpu

I was wondering If I can use this existing heatsink w/fan

for this

oem cpu. or do i need to buy a new cpu fan and heat sink, but the cpu requires 65w for thermal design power and I don't know If I have that.
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  1. If we are talking the same socket yes since it is a 65watt tdp CPU.
  2. I meant can I use this cpu fan with heatsink,

    for the new cpu or do I need to get a new cpu fan with heatsink like, this one
  3. Yes you can since the CPU is low power one (65watts) and the heatsink will fit the socket. What CPU did it come of?
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    That CPU is 65watts as well so your current heatsink is sufficient to deal with the new one!
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