Few general system questions about software.

With the recent Diablo 3 issues, my account was changed/stolen/hacked. I did a full blow scan in safe mode with Malware bytes and Avast. Nothing came up.. Im also running Comodo firewall. But I did noticed that Im sending out spam from my Hotmail account. Different password im 99% sure... I cant remember. I know it because I added myself as a contact in my phone book, so if it ever does get jacked and send out spam I would know. I did change my PC on my cell, so there wouldnt be any interaction with the PC and it being logged etc. But after changing the password I still sent out one today.

So what Im wondering is, is there a way to check for key loggers? What about other *** that is lurking in the bkgd?
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  1. It the only problem with spam sending from you hotmail account? because it easy to fake a send from email address.
  2. Okay.. Yeah I think thats the only issue. I ran ALLkinds of scans here and there and still have yet to find anything.
  3. I also noticed that at times, I'll be typing and Pc will :freeze:, if you will, then catch up to my typing. Could that just be the internet? I have a decent PC that I just built, cost around 900 bucks or so and built 6 mths ago
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