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I am thinkig of getting an HD 7850, but first I wanted to make sure if it can handle a triple monitor setup for eyefinity. I googled it but could not find a for sure answer. I f it is not possible with an HD 7850 could I use a HD 7870? I am looking for the cheapest gpu that can handle the triple setup, if any one know of a cheap gpu that can do 3 monitor eyefinity please also let me know. Thank you
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  1. Yes the 7850 is perfectly capable of EyeFinity, BUT you will definitely have to turn down the graphics settings in games. I run a 7950, while the performance in EyeFinity resolutions (5760x1080) is great for a single card I still have to dial back settings. If you can afford the 7870 go with it, if you can step up even higher to a 7950 or 7970 you'll be much better off. To truly max EyeFinity or come close though you'll need a crossfire configuration, but even that wont max every game.
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