Best SSD (Solid state drive) for the money? ~$100-200


I am finally looking to work off a solid state drive. I want to spend anywhere from 100-200 bucks. I need something that is fast, reliable, and has a decent capacity. Probably around 120gb is all I really need. OS + 2-3games?

I also have 2x 10k rpm 120 gb hard drives in my computer. Once I build my new one with an SSD would it still be worth it to put hem in? I have a 1.5 TB 7200 hard drive in as well. Maybe its best just to use SSD+1.5Tb?
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  1. The speed differences in SSD's aren't big, best to buy based on reliability. Intel have a great reputation for reliability, as do Samsung. The Intel 520/330 and Samsung 830 are good.
  2. That one looks pretty good. I was looking at the Samsung 830, and I was wondering if I would have enough space for all my games with it.
  3. The 256GB version is just under $200 so you could get that. That should fit loads of games.
  4. Yeah they are good too, a bit cheaper as well.
  5. So overall....

    Samsung 830: A lot of people are getting DON products, they are having issues and samsung doesn't support the hard drive on their website....

    Crucial M4: A lot of people are getting bluescreens and lockups with them. Most are dying 6-10 months after use.

    What to do!?!?
  6. If you read enough reviews for anything, you are bound to find people that have had problems. Go for an Intel drive if you are worried, they provide really long warranties.

    That one has a 5 year warranty.
  7. Mugaro;

    Yes, the M4 get BSOD after sometime but if you update the firmware, and you will be fine. Please read this:,14544.html. If you update the firmware (SSD) and BIOS (MB) before you use the SSD, you will have no problem at all.

    Crucial M4, Intel, and Samsung 830 (not in the order) are the better class SSD, but Samsung and intel are more expensive.

    I got one Intel 320 in my HTPC since lat year it don't have single problem.

    If you want one SSD (less expensive) get M4 128GB, Kingston HyperX, Intel 330, Mushkin Chronos Deluxe MX, don't get the OCZ Agility 3 because there are some negative feedbacks.

    But I will recommend wait for the sale and look for the sale, for example Samsung 830 128GB was for <$90 in newegg before.
  8. The Samsung 830 and Intel 330 don't cost that much more than the Crucial. The Intel 520 costs a fair bit more though. It does buy you extra reliability and a 5 year warranty though.

    EDIT: I have the Samsung 830 myself, I have had one or two issues where it came up with an error as I was booting but I would just reset the system and it would be fine. I haven't had any real issues, I've had it around 6 months. I don't even know that the SSD is causing that problem, could be my OS installation or something.
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