Intel Core I5 2500K or 3570K?

I'm thinking of upgrading from my Phenom 965 BE and I'm deciding on either a 2500k or a 3570K. Which one would be better overall? I can get the 3570K for $170 new, but for the 2500K I can get it for about around $200.

I've heard the 2500K is better in some things here and there but idk.

So should I go for the 3570K since I got a better deal off of that one? And is the 3570K alot better than the 2500K?

And I also plan on buying a Gigabyte Z77 motherboard as well afterwards.
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  1. The price answers the question, 3570K which is a little faster clock by clock, 2500K may overclock a little higher but needs to go about 10% higher to make up the performance difference.
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