Looking for a good case for ~100


I have been browsing for a while and just cant seem to stumble on a case I like. I am currently using an antec 300 and really don't like it. Everything inside is crammed, it gets very dusty, I had to replace fans because they died etc etc.

This time around, I would like a case that looks a bit better than just plain black and ugly, has good cable management, good ventilation, and allows easy installation and accessibility for new hardware.
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  1. I would recommend the Cooler Master 912. Plenty of room, highly durable, great cable management.
  2. The NZXT Phantom 410 is nice if not a tad expensive. But it is flashy with very good ventilation and cable management.

    Also the new Corsair Vengance V70 military green edition is very very cool and easy to build in.
  3. In the Cooler Master vein I'd recommend the HAF 922 as well. It's just under $100 bucks and has great cable management and cooling, it comes with 3 fans and has room for plenty more. It is just plain black but you can get one with a clear side panel and it does have a bit of design built in. The front fan also has a red LED that you can turn on as well. Not sure how flashy you are looking at. But I'd highly recommend it.
  4. Phantom looks pretty cool. I am considering that one, I couldn't find the Corsair vengane v70. I have seen so many cool master HAF computer cases they must be solid they are like the most popular.

    I have narrowed it down to 3 cases.




    Which would you guys recommend?
  5. Sorry, I must have got it wrong, its the C70:


    And I would go with the third one. My friend has one and he absolutely loves it. It has unparalleled airflow and cable management and space for alot of fans to keep your computer running cool.
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