2X GT545 SLI Vs 555GTX single.

Back in feb I ordered an Alienware aurora R3 which had Dual 1GB GT545's in SLI. I know this is a pretty low end card for a "gaming computer" but in SLI I figured it'd be enough to get my by until I made the decision to upgrade to a single better performing card.

I know i could have built or purchased more pc for the money everyone assumes I paid for this pc, just because it's an alienware but this thread isn't about wasting money on an Alienware pc, this is about the comparison of the single 1GB DDR5 555GTX to the 545's

So I assume that the 555 is slightly better based only on the numbering scheme higher number should be better right??

The reason I am asking this question is my aurora had problems from the start and now Dell is replacing it with a new PC, looking at the order sheet it shows 1 555GTX instead of the dual 545's that I originally had..

Should I be upset or be thankful.

Again this isn't about cost of the pc or what I could of had, but if they are going to replace my system which had 2 cards, should I be complaining that im now down to only one or will I see an upgrade here.. I've always heard that a single "better" card will always outperform 2 lesser cards, but being as that the model numbers are so close, I'm concerned that I've been slighted here.

Thank You.
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    I don't know cause all those cards are OEM, meaning you can't go buy one on the shelf and there are no benchmarks that I know of for them.

    Having said that, I don't see how a 555 could be faster than TWO 545's, doesn't make sense.

    I'd tell them you want something comparable to the two 545's.
  2. Well the pc arrived it did have 2x the 555, but one of them was DOA causing the card to overheat. This time Dell was able to witness this behavior while remotely connected the card heated up and shut down during stress test reaching 105c, they were very prompt, offered apologies and an upgrade to GTX580!!!! :bounce:

    The GTX580 is installed and working great.
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