Can\'t find homegroup password

I didn't know I had a homegroup password and now I need it. Microsift site didn't give me a clue either. Don't have clue how to find it.

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    Does that not help?
    Start>Control Panel>Network and Internet>HomeGroup>Veiw or print the homegroup password

    Have you created a homegroup? Do you have windows 7 and I think vista works too?
  2. My view or print he homegroup password is greyed out.
    What do I do?
  3. i have the same problem after i reformat my laptop and now it is grayed out.
    that laptop is the pc that i use to set up the homegroup
  4. go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center
    you must set your network to become Home network if not set.
    what is your PC a laptop or a desktop? if you connect from your laptop to your PC using Ethernet Cable i think you need to set so many things.
    if you have router and have already set your network there much better if you connect via Wifi or connect using Ethernet cable to the router where your desktop was connected.
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