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Can mobile graphics cards use more than 2GB's of memory? I thought I read somewhere that they can't but in shopping for a new laptop, I keep seeing GTX670m's and the new 680m's with 3 or 4GB's of memory.

If someone could explain this I would be grateful.
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  1. It is completely dependent on resolution (1920x1080 or higher), graphics settings (high-ultra settings), and multiple monitors. So yes some games need that head room of available VRAM of 2GB such as Max Payne 3, Battlefield 3, and etc.
  2. Well i'm looking at the Sager NP9170, which is 1920x1080p. I will be playing BF3 and games like Diable 3, Starcraft 2, and of course whatever comes out in the future.

    My confusion is in whether the cards actually make USE of the extra memory. Is 2GB's the most they use for standard use or is like anything else in that the more power you give it the easier it will run things?
  3. When it's needed, it's needed. Simple as that.

    Power is dependent on how strong the card is, not the physical memory.
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