I need help building a Gaming PC

Hello, I'm a console gamer and I want to switch to PC gaming but have little knowledge of parts. My budget is around £500 so could someone help me with parts? I want to play Skyrim at high to ultra settings with no lag. I would prefer it if I had the Radeon 7870 graphics card or the GTX 660 ti. Thanks for the help!
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  1. duplicate post
  2. With the GPU your wanting you have killed almost halve your budget already and Skyrim is quite CPU intensive so you'd be wanting to go for a good I3 at least.

    Do you have some PC parts you can already use from an old system?
  3. Yeah sorry Brett I didn't mean too and Metwingie, I have found the Radeon 7870 for £165 online so could you suggest some parts?
  4. Oh and no,co have no parts.
  5. Thanks and would this run games at max settings?
  6. Yeah you will be fine with this setup with the choice of upgrading your CPU and adding a second 7870 in the future
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