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Hi my computer is about I built my computer about 3 or so years ago for gaming. I feel like it is getting to hot and I have never noticed it until now. I recently have started gaming again and the computer will just freeze. (no bsod) just have to press the reset button. I ran prime 95 and real temp and my core 0 temp got to 90c in the 10 minute test that real temp runs. So I feel like there is an inadequacy in the ventilation. The computer is cleaned out and there are 3 fans as well as a zalman cpu cooler.

Intel QuadCore Q9550 2.4gHz
2 EVGA GTX260's
EVGA nforce 780i SLI FTW
800W PSU
Windows 7 64-Bit

Idle Temp: 56c
7 Min Into: Prime95/Realtemp test 90c

I think thats all the specs You need let me know if you need anything else. I understand these temp apps are not accurate but that just seems really high.

Ps. Not Overclocked
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    Try reinstalling the cpu cooler. Clean off the old paste and reinstall with some new paste. Then run prime95 and see what the temps are.
  2. Will do thanks for the Quick Response!!!!!
  3. CPU fan was covered in dust I couldn't see!!! cleaned it off, and applied new thermal paste. CPU got to about 65 during stress test. Is that more acceptable its Idling at 45 and around 60 in game
  4. Those temps look ok. Hope that fixes your freezing problem. :sol:
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