Redoing windows. request quick reply!!

okay, Basically 2 things. Got a 6gb/s HDD and another 3GB/s HDD. I want to utilize all the speed from the 6gb one while I'm gaming as well as the space. I redo windows every other month. I don't keep data on my Main hd so space should be minimal. I'm curious on 2 things.

I've got the 3gb/s 250GB HDD from a notebook a while ago. It's decent drive average speeds. I am curious if it's worth running my OS on to that drive instead of the 6gb/s drive. Now, the reason is simple. I figure if there's no os running on the 6gb's drive perhaps It will make my gaming smoother. Or will the os being on a slower drive affect my gaming regardless of my games drive?

Request quick response would like to get this done tonight thanks in advance.

Also, Bought a new power supply from a new computer. Curious if it is better than the solytech 600w one. Got the model number. SL 8600 eps.

the new one.
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  1. to be honest, you aren't going to notice the difference between SATA II and SATA III on any mechanical hard drive
  2. agreed.
  3. If you want to fully utilize the bandwidth of a Sata 3Gbps or Sata 6Gbps buy an SSD
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