Dual monitor on msi cylone 460

All my specs are in my sig. I want to set up dual monitors, but don't know how because I am kind of new. I have a hp 2311x set up already. I am going to buy a Asus VH242H 23.6". Now I have an xbox 360 and I want to set it up on the Asus VH242H monitor. my xbox 360 on the asus plus on my computer. My question is how can i set up dual monitors, just plus them in and they work ??? and do they have to be both dvi ? or can I do one monitor mini hdmi and dvi ?

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  1. Just plug them in and enable them through your driver program/or windows. They do not have to both be DVI.. You can use HDMI and DVI at the same time, or even 2 DVI's at the same time.
  2. Oh, ok. If I hook them up does this decrease my monitor refresh rate ?? The whole purpose for getting two screens is to game on one screen and to do other things on the other screen
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