AMD ASUS M5A97 EVO First build

Here's the problem. I build it, and went to turn it on. Boot Device led stays lit. I have a new HDD in there, but I guess it isn't recognizing it yet.

Now, I haven't got my gpu yet, so no video. Will I be able to sort it out in the BIOS, or is there something I can do right now to fix it?
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    No video card is probably your problem. This board does not have an onboard graphics chip, nor does any Phenom II nor FX processor. Its not like your 2500K, only AMD Llanos and Trinity has on-die graphics.
  2. yep. just wait for your video card to arrive. good thing my i7 3770k has intergrated hd4000 so i can still play cod
  3. Ok, so reading the replies, tell me if I have this right: When the board goes through the initial POST, it gets to the VGA and stops. Since it detects a problem with the gpu (which is nonexistant until Monday), it stops the POST, and lights up the VGA led. Since the boot device led would have been next (and last) in the POST pattern, it lights up too. Doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with my hdd, it just means it wasn't able to get that far.

    Is that about right?
  4. Correct, but that doesn't mean necessarily that something else isn't faulty with the system, but theres no real way of knowing until you have a GPU, as its one of the essential components.

    Hard drives are one of the very last things that the computer looks for in the boot sequence.
  5. Everything works! Even pushed a mini oc to 4.2 on it for him. He is definitely pleased.
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