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GTX 470 runs too fast on idle

Hello, I am having a problem with my graphics card. Sometimes at idle the card will drop its clocks down to 50mhz/130mhz which is great because it stays cold while doing basic web browsing. For some reason though it seems this feature doesnt work anymore. When at idle the clocks are at 405/1250 and I cant lower them anymore using the Nvidia utility. It seems odd that while on the desktop its at %70 fan and 62 degrees. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Now its idling at 65 degrees with %75fan and hot air coming out of the back. Don't tell me this is normal?
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    The GTX 400 series was a hot generation of cards. Is there proper airflow in your case?
  3. Try re-installing the drivers.
  4. So the deal is the 400 series cards cant run two monitors in low power mode. Right now its at 55 degrees with one monitor. plugging in a second monitor, even at 640x480 resolution, beings the temp back up to 80 degrees if i don't crank the fan up. The only recommendation is to buy another card to run the second monitor.
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