Radeon HD 7970 OC Windforce Edition freezing computer

Hey guys,

I have a hd radeon 7970 OC from Gigabyte which keeps freezing my computer and then causing the monitors to go black forcing me to do a hard reset!

This is extremely frustrating because i have already replaced the card once and have had this one for 2 days! Do you guys reckon it is the card or my pc?

Specs are:
CPU: intel i7 2700k stock
MB: Asrock pro 3 gen 3 z68
Ram: 2x8gig G.skill ripjaws (i think 1600mhz) so 16gig
GPU:Gigabyte HD7970 OC windforce edition 3gb
HDD: hitachi 7200rpm 1tb
PSU: Antec High Current Gamers 900watt psu

anything i have missed please let me know! it seems the computer only does it when i do normal desktop tasks such as itunes and browsing the web, never when i play games?
I'm also running 2x24inch monitors maybe thats the cause?
please let me know if you guys think i should change something or exchange the card for a nvidia equivalent? or possibly motherboard because i know that the one i have isn't the best!

thanks in advance for your help!

Regards Keagan
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  1. Theres been issues with Flash lately, even I have some weird stuff going on when im browsing. Might wanna try to update your Flash. Try your RAM sticks 1 at a time etc. I highly doubt that 2 cards would be bad in a row.
  2. Yeah thats what i'm thinking, thanks for the fast reply! i'll give it a shot :D because i was getting BSOD'S when i got the first card and managed to stop that!

    do you also think it might be my motherboard because i heard that mine isn't the best and is unstable? the guy i spoke to suggested i replace it for one more designed for gaming?

    again thanks for the fast reply
  3. It should run fine with the Z68. Check and see if there are any firmware updates available because the Zero Core technology wrecks havoc on any boards that don't fully support it.
  4. Yeah i have tried updating everything, from all my software to bios updates to ati driver updates

    still nothing! i have even tried rolling back on driver versions from ati and still no solution!
    To be honest i have spent endless hours trying to figure out whats wrong with it, and lost countless hours of sleep! :( i swear i'm going to start pulling out my hair if it carries on! :(

    the only reason why i think its graphics card problems because when i first built the pc i ran on motherboard graphics for about a month and a half and no problems! 1 day after getting the graphics card i start getting problems

    again thanks for your help
  5. Unless its a fault PSU, doubtful, or RAM, more likely, its a software issue. Again, test your RAM 1 at a time and see if it does the same thing. If it doesnt with 1 stick and it does with the other, theres your issue.
  6. thanks yeah i'll give it a shot later on today!
    i also heard that it might be a flash problem with the web browser! especially with google chrome, which is the one i use! because as mentioned before it only happens when browsing the web and stuff.

    so i have decided to use ie9 for a bit to see if that is the problem? so i guess now we wait and see!

    thanks for your guys help
  7. Sure thing. Remember to pick the best answer, its an option as the original poster.
  8. yeah :D you guys have been of great help
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